What is The Keys to Success and why is it working so well in schools?
Discover the many more reasons students are wild about The Keys to Success!

“The Keys program is not only easy to deliver but also incredibly versatile.”

Learn why Principals and Teachers love The Keys to Success.

Stop BULLYING long before it happens.






The Keys to Success offers long-term solutions.

The Keys to Success in PUBLIC schools, where it all began!

“This program fits in perfectly with the Christian mission of our school.”

What Principals Are Saying

“For so many of our children struggling to find their way in the world, the Keys program has served as their own personal locksmith, freely opening doors to their vast untapped potential!”

“I cannot believe how these kids have responded to this program. They have all been just wild about it and it has also made a major difference in our discipline"

“My goal for our school was to create an environment that was conducive to learning for all children.  The Keys to Success Program helped make that happen.”

“Now that we are well into our sixth year using the 'Keys' program, we are more excited than ever. We continue to be amazed at the feedback.  Teachers, students and parents all contribute new and exciting ideas for projects in and out of the classroom. There seems to be a continual ripple effect!!!”

"Our referrals decreased by 42% after just one year of using the Keys.  Following the use of an overbearing point system, we were thrilled to see how the Keys program is not only easy to deliver but also incredibly versatile.  With so many creative ways to teach and implement the Keys – it never gets stale.”

“Test scores went up and office behavior referrals went down. There was a significantly calmer and more positive attitude throughout the school.”

“The Keys program helps students, and the school at large, focus on the positive qualities in our children. Teachers especially switch to seeking opportunities for their students to suceed. This positive attitude is infectious – once one student succeeds, he or she is inspired more than before and other students jump on board as well."

“We had a very good school to begin with, but after only one year the Keys program made it better.”

“We have had a significant decrease in ‘bullying’ and related behaviors since adopting the program. I believe the continual positive reinforcement that the program provides contributes to the self-esteem of our students and leads to the positive climate throughout the school.”

What Teachers Are Saying

"Any child that values keys – and most do – will figure out which actions will merit a key in my classroom."

“I enjoy looking for opportunities to notice the positive.  It is so easy to hand out a key spontaneously than to fill out forms!”

“I enjoy the class [component of the program] because it acknowledges their behavior as a group.  They have improved their behavior during the class and in the hallway because they know I am watching.”

 “I have used it as a positive reinforcement tool for students that maybe aren’t always as kind and considerate as they should be.  It does redirect negative behavior.”

“I think the students are more aware of their actions.  They Keys program encourages and motivates students to try their hardest.”

“It helps build self-esteem and anyone can earn them.  Your grades are not the determining factor.”

"It is good to have something tangible to reward good behavior with...It is a more 'concrete' method of reinforcing what is expected than only verbal rewards or remarks on a report card."

 “It often works to get work/projects done early and often helps students volunteer for jobs/other activities.”

“It’s an immediate reward for the children’s behavior.  I like the variety of keys – all with different meanings.  It’s a fun way to reward.”

"Students are more motivated when completing class work and…the students are more caring towards one another."

"When I [use the] keys for clean cubbies, suddenly, the others start looking neater.  If I seem to be having an extra quiet class, [using the program] seems to stir the pot and participation.  [It] also seems to improve memory.”