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The long-awaited release of The Keys to Success to individual families is here! We, the staff at The Keys to Success, are proud to make available a Parent Starter Kit for Keys in the Christian Home, allowing families to benefit from the time-tested, positive and tangible encouragement schools have enjoyed for years. You can purchase the new program today at our store.

Here are just a few comments from parents who have piloted the program in their homes over the past few years…

“When my toddler and preschooler were ‘caught’ playing well together, I gave them each a cooperation key. They now get excited when they play well together, boasting, ‘We’re cooperating,’ without needing a key.”Parent
“The Keys have helped improve behavior by creating accountability and decreasing nagging. When the chance of a key is known the children have been more responsible and needed less reminders.”Parent
“I like how the Keys help me to be more positive.  I am on the look out for positive behaviors to reward instead of negative to correct.  Mentioning the positive makes an example of what my expectations are.”Parent

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