Keys are Easily Earned by ALL Students

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     Recognition programs in our schools often praise the few people at the top, leaving the other students to feel discouraged about their behavior.  In other words, many students walk away feeling bad about themselves, whereas the already motivated few walk away with more confidence than before. 
            The Keys to Success is unique in that EVERY child can practice every Key skill.  Not every child can earn high grades, or be a good athlete, musician or artist.  But every child can put for effort, give love and be prepared.  Not only can every student earn Keys, but they can earn them repeatedly throughout the month. 

It helps build self-esteem and anyone can earn them.  Your grades are not the determining factor. - Teacher

The purple effort key [is my favorite] because it doesn’t reward people for being smart or athletic.  Anyone can get it. - 7th grader

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