What does the world most need???

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What is missing in our current cultural climate?  LOVE!  Schools using The Keys to Success character education program tout amazing results with increased acts of love among students and staff.

Our world often tries to minimize acts of love into simply being “nice” or leaving everyone alone.  “Random acts of kindness” happen here and there, now and then, when it’s convenient.  Real love for another, whether friend, neighbor, family member, or even those we do not know, requires the intentional giving of ourselves. 

We recognize that there is a racial divide in our country today.  We all have a responsibility to help make it better.  The best way we can do this is by sharing God’s gift of love to a world that desperately needs it.

At The Keys to Success, with the focus of our program centered on LOVE, we encourage children to choose the good for others because it is good.  If we all want a better world, it’s important that LOVE be spread, for others to experience it, cherish it and learn to love as well.  If we truly love others, as do our friends and neighbors, we will find ourselves in a community of love.  One small community is where all culture begins.

Loving other students, teachers, family members and neighbors, however, is not easy.  Therefore, our character education program makes love fun and attainable.  Children will beam with joy when their acts of love are noticed and valued.  They will increase these acts of love.


“After I taught the LOVE lesson, I could see the students were more kind to each other.” – Teacher


“I'm getting better at not talking back to my mom.” - 2nd grader


“It rubs off on me and becomes a lifestyle.” - 8th grade student

“The program creates better and caring students.  They are more aware of their actions and choices they make.  Students are more caring towards one another.” - Teacher

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