Benefits of Using They Keys

Why People Love The Keys to Success

•Easy to implement; a simple program for children to grasp

•Consistent, positive philosophy throughout building or family, uniting both parents.

"I am nagging less and the children are responding more quickly - I love it!" - Mother of 4

“The program is great because it is tied to developing virtues. It motivates the students and, if used correctly, can be a great teaching tool!  Also, the program is structured and consistent throughout the school.  We are united in our discipline.” - Teacher

“I like that kids actually get noticed for doing good and not just bad.” - Student

•Builds self-esteem and reduces bullying.

“What I like about the Keys to Success makes you feel more confident.” – Student

“Students thank me privately to show that they appreciate the keys.” – 7th grade teacher

“I think it does [reduce bullying].  The continued positive reinforcement increases the student’s dignity and self-worth, thereby making them less inclined to tease others as a way of making them feel superior.” - Principal

•Helps students be the best they can be as well as happy and successful in all aspects of life!

“The program creates better and caring students.  They are more aware of their actions and choices they make.” - 4th grade teacher

“It rubs off on me and becomes a lifestyle.” - 8th grader

“I always try to do a good thing for each key per day.  It helps me to be a better person.” - 4th grader

“It tells us what we are doing well and what we need to improve on.”  - 8th grader


Other Benefits...

  • Fresh, positive, uplifting program that can breathe new life into any school and family!

  • Provides for immediate feedback and reward for positive behavior.

  • One of the few programs that helps improve academic performance and develop character as well.

  • Every school using the program reports tremendous results in a short period of time - St. Vincent Children's Home School reported 42% less referrals after one year.

  • Teachers love it because it requires minimal work with maximum results!

  • Children love it because it makes them feel good about themselves and it’s FUN!

  • Parents love it because it helps them guide their children with love and positive discipline.

  • Can help children live up to their full potential!

  • Very affordable program. For schools, grants and fund-raisers can cover most program costs.

  • In the school, everyone is involved directly or indirectly including parents and the community at large!

  • Is adaptable for any school, classroom or family!

  • Doesn’t change what you’re already doing; it compliments it!

  • Can personally benefit the parents and teachers as well!

  • Keys are TIMELESS! They never go out of date!