The Keys to Success is an all-inclusive character education program, not simply focused on bullying or other negative behaviors. Instead, through continual reinforcement of positive behaviors, schools and families have found a decrease in bullying when The Keys to Success is employed, especially over time.  Instead of merely being a quick-fix for behavioral problems, the program is a long-term solution for encouraging children to live up to their full potential.  Increasing self-esteem, the dignity of the individual, always decreases bullying and related behaviors.

When asked if The Keys to Success reduces bullying in the school, here are the types of comments teachers and principals continue to make...

We have had a significant decrease in ‘bullying’ and related behaviors since adopting the program...My goal for our school was to create an environment that was conducive to learning for all children. The Keys to Success program helped make that happen.
-Ken Morr, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Yes, very much so. I think the students are…most of the time, [aware] of their actions. At times, they forget, but it (The Keys program) reminds them to be more motivated or caring.

Yes! I teach young children and they will work well together and treat each other with more respect.

I think it does. The continued positive reinforcement increases the student’s dignity and self-worth thereby making them less inclined to tease others as a way of making them feel superior.