Success Stories from Children

Student Success

Students were asked, through an anonymous survey, what they thought of The Keys to Success. Here are some of their answers.

  1. What do you like about the Keys to Success?
    I like that The Keys to Success program helps students to motivate them to do good things. - 8th grade
    I like the Keys to Success because it gives us the opportunity to learn what is good and what is bad. - 7th grade
    [The Keys] gives you an incentive to be your best. – 6th grade
    I like them because they motivate me to do my best. I also like how there is always a key of the week. Every week I try to do my best at the key of the week. - 4th grade
    It makes me remember about all the things that I need to do. – 4th grade
    I like the Keys to Success because it helps me be a better person to my friends. - 4th grade
  2. What is your favorite Key and why?
    I like the motivation key because motivation is very important for everything basically, school work, sports. - 8th grade
    My favorite key is discipline because if everyone’s really trying in an activity then others will try too and you will have lots of fun. – 7th grade
    Effort because getting good grades takes a lot of effort. - 6th grade
    My favorite key is attitude, because with a positive attitude, it becomes easier to love, cooperate, prepare and all the things other keys represent. With a positive outlook on life, you will be able to achieve your goals. - 6th grade
    Effort, because it makes me do my best and to not hurry on things that take time and hard work. – 5th grade
    Cooperation because at recess we play soccer and work together. – 4th grade
    Preparation is my favorite Key because it helps me make sure I have my homework. – Jack, 4th
  3. Do The Keys help you in becoming a better student?
    Yes, it does by rewarding me for making good choices. - 6th grade
    It helps me learn when I am in a situation and I think about the keys and think in my head which one I should use. - 6th grade
    Because they motivate me to try hard. - 5th grade
    Yes because when I follow the rules on the keys I get better grades and work is easier. –5th grade
    I’m more ready for school. –5th grade
    They [the Keys] encourage me [to] do my best and to not hurry on things that take time and hard work. – 5th grade
    [Be]Cause I want to be the best person I can (be)cause (of) the keys. – 3rd grade
    The keys show me that I am doing good and I want to do better. – 3rd grade
  4. Do you use The Keys skills at home or other places? Please explain.
    Yes, because it rubs off on me and becomes a lifestyle. - 8th grade
    I can use effort and attitude in sports by not complaining about a bad call or by trying really hard. - 7th grade
    What I've learned in school doesn't stop when the bell rings. I try to be nice to other people too. - 7th grade
    I try to love my family and I give great effort when I play a sport. - 6th grade
    When I’m not getting along with my sister, cooperation reminds me to work it out. – 6th grade
    Yes, I show effort in soccer, basketball and baseball games. - 6th grade
    Yes, I use the key skills. When I am at home and I am mad it takes effort not to express anger. – 6th grade
    I try to do good things at home and around the neighborhood and it makes me feel good inside to know that I'm doing something right. - 5th grade
    When I do my chores without complaining. – 5th grade
    At home I help my mom and dad clean the house. – 4th grade
    I use the key skills at home when I share with my brother and sister. – 4th grade
    Yes I do! I always try to do a good thing for each key per day. It helps me to be a better person. - 4th grade
    I do use the key skills at home when I cooperate with my two brothers on what they want to do instead of me all the time. - 4th grade
    I use them [the Keys] everywhere. It allows people to know how good I can be. - 3rd grade
    I'm getting better at not talking back to my mom. - 2nd grade