Success Stories from Parents

Comments from Parents


“When my toddler and preschooler were ‘caught’ playing well together, I gave them each a cooperation key. They now get excited when they play well together, boasting, ‘We’re cooperating,’ without needing a key.” - Parent


“The Keys have helped improve behavior by creating accountability and decreasing nagging.  When the chance of a key is known the children have been more responsible and needed less reminders.” - Parent


“I like how the Keys help me to be more positive.  I am on the look out for positive behaviors to reward instead of negative to correct.  Mentioning the positive makes an example of what my expectations are.” - Parent


"Buckling in by themselves with Motivation.  Staying in their chair through the entire meal with Discipline.  Cleaning up quickly and thoroughly with Effort.  Sharing their toys with Cooperation.  Small acts of sacrifice with Love - These are all behaviors that have increased dramatically since we started using the Keys!" - Parent