In the Entire School - For Principals

For over a decade principals have adopted The Keys to Success as their all-school character education program. As our success stories from educators attest, these schools rave about how The Keys to Success makes a great difference immediately, and can also last the test of time. Created by a 34-year veteran teacher, this program is different because it actually works and the students love it! Without adding extra work to teachers, they have a positive tool to address behavior issues for individual students and the group as a whole.

Immediate and lasting change in behavior...
Classroom Management Success

Any school can adopt The Keys to Success with our two schematic options...
Public Schools
Christian Schools

Why use as an All-School program?
When the entire school staff is on the same page, a positive environment becomes normative. Students also benefit in growing in the same 8 Key skills year after year. As older students often attest, "These are now just habits. I make good decisions because I've practiced these for years."

What is the cost of the All-School program?
Every school is unique. The Keys to Success staff will cater the program to each school and offer the Inclusive Key Package based on the size of the school. The staff members strive to personally train the educators in each school as well as offer introductory presentations to all students, whenever this is possible. Some states also offer financial assistance for programs that address bullying or other character education issues.

Seeking more information?
Contact Us directly if you are an educator hoping to adopt The Keys to Success as an All-School program. We look forward to working out the details with you so that your entire community can begin to reap the benefits of The Keys to Success.