In the Home - For Parents

The Keys to Success In the Christian Home For Parents

In The Home Parents can bring all the positive and tangible encouragement to their homes at a reasonable cost. Teachers and principals have been raving about the Keys for years. Now see how it can transform behavior in your family, even with children as young as preschoolers, up through teenagers. Check out the products available just for parents. Parents are already using The Keys and loving it. Read their success stories.

"Buckling in by themselves - Motivation.  Staying in their chair through the entire meal - Discipline.  Cleaning up quickly and thoroughly - Effort.  Sharing their toys - Cooperation.  Small acts of sacrifice - Love: These are all behaviors that have increased dramatically since we started using the Keys!" - Parent

Jesus Christ is the heart of this program.  With the Key of Love as the source of all other gifts, God is placed as the foundation of all.  Plus, true success in life is not essentially about our careers, academic achievements or special talents.  True success is living fully as God has created us to be - united to Christ both on Earth and ultimately in Heaven.  The Keys to Success help young people connect daily with Christ, receive His Love and live the abundant life He has planned for each of them!