Overview of The Keys

How The Program Works

The Keys to Success is a philosophy based on eight skills that help young people live up to their full potential.

The program can be used to help children...
1.  In the Home
2.  In the Classroom
3.  In the Entire School

To kick off the program, parents or teachers show children how to best understand and demonstrate Key skills with everyday examples.  Adults are clearly outlining all the positive behaviors they desire to see in their children.  Activity ideas for this are provided in the Manual for each program. Children are then positively reinforced throughout the day with the tangible, specific component of the program.  This component is what makes The Keys to Success unique from other programs that merely talk about life skills.  The program provides a direct way of encouraging every child no matter their level of intelligence or talent.  The Keys to Success seamlessly fits into the classroom and home, beginning to improve behavior right away.  Created by a life-long elementary teacher, father and grandfather, who used the program in his classroom for over 20 years, this program makes a difference immediately and is a tool parents and teachers love to use year after year.

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Why It Works

  • Fresh, positive, uplifting program that can breathe new life into any family, classroom or school!

  • Provides for immediate feedback and reward for positive behavior.

  • Builds self-esteem and reduces bullying.

  • Teachers love it because it requires minimal work with maximum results!

  • Children love it because it makes them feel good about themselves and its FUN!

  • Parents love it because it helps them guide their children with love and positive discipline.

A Complete list of Benefits…