Success Stories

Here are a few success stories from some our raving fans - from parents, educators, and children.

From Parents

“When my toddler and preschooler were ‘caught’ playing well together, I gave them each a cooperation key. They now get excited when they play well together, boasting, ‘We’re cooperating,’ without needing a key.” - Parent

“The Keys have helped improve behavior by creating accountability and decreasing nagging.  When the chance of a key is known the children have been more responsible and needed less reminders.” - Parent

“I like how the Keys help me to be more positive.  I am on the look out for positive behaviors to reward instead of negative to correct.  Mentioning the positive makes an example of what my expectations are.”- Parent

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From Educators

“Test scores went up and office behavior referrals went down.”
  -Virginia Folk, Parkwood Elementary

“Our referrals decreased by 42% after just one year of using the Keys.  Following the use of an overbearing point system, we were thrilled to see how the Keys program is not only easy to deliver but also incredibly versatile.  With so many creative ways to teach and implement the Keys – it never gets stale.”
  -Jill Kelsey, School for St. Vincent Children’s Home

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From Children

I like them because they motivate me to do my best. I also like how there is always a key of the week. Every week I try to do my best at the key of the week. - 4th grade

It helps me learn when I am in a situation and I think about the keys and think in my head which one I should use. - 6th grade

I like the Keys to Success because it helps me be a better person to my friends. - 4th grade

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