Frank GallagherFrank Gallagher, Founder and President
"Mr. G" has been in education for over 40 years, becoming a well-respected man of the community.  Loved by his students, honored by his peers and chosen as Teacher of the Year in his school district, Frank's zest for life and love for teaching is magnetic and contagious.  Read more about his teaching career and personal background below.

Heather VentoHeather Vento, Director
Public high school teacher, retreat leader, youth minister and now mother, Heather has been working with youth and educators for over 25 years.  She continues to give presentation to teachers, parents and teenagers.  Heather also co-authored the book, A Case for Chastity, and has traveled around the United States to give presentations.  Heather uses "The Keys to Success" at home with her pre-school and grade-school children.















Mary Beth Chik, Consultant and Presenter





Mary Beth Chik was an elementary school teacher for 15 years and then an elementary principal for 19 years. She has been a leader in education in many ways. She has served as director of the Deanery Principal Group, received The Distinguished Woman award in 2002, and received the Archdiocesan St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Award as Outstanding Principal in 2015. Mary Beth Chik has been a co-director, musician and/or Faith Formation leader of her parish’s ACTS retreat and was also a leader of the God’s Gang prayer group for children and teens. While serving as Principal of St. Lawrence the Martyr and then Holy Spirit parish schools, she adopted The Keys to Success and continued to use it through her retirement, for over 18 years.


A Personal Message from our Founder

My name is Frank Gallagher. I was born in St. Louis to wonderful parents who had immigrated from Ireland.

After coming to America, they struggled through the depression years. They worked very hard, but armed with a strong faith, a hard work ethic and lots of love, even on a limited budget, they were able to provide us with a good family life.

As I grew, I chose teaching as my career and know it was the best choice I could have made. I married the lady of my life and we have two beautiful daughters, one is now a teacher, author and youth minister and the other is a CPA in a large international firm. At this point in life, we are also grandparents to eight wonderful children. I have lived in Bridgeton, a suburb of St. Louis, for these 40 years and enjoy being active in our church and community as well as professional organizations. My hobbies are grandkids, golf, barbequing, reading and sports in general.

After thirty five years as an elementary teacher, I am now retired (although I still substitute and teach on a regular basis to keep in contact with the students and schools). I have taught at all levels, mainly elementary. I have taught many different types of students from the inner city to St. Louis County. I also have a master’s degree specializing in elementary school administration, which has enabled me to not only have a teacher’s perspective but a principal’s as well.

Halfway through my teaching career, I formalized a set of teaching principles that had informally been part of my daily teaching all along. I called them “The Keys to Success”. Read how the keys came about in the History and Philosophy of the Keys to Success.

After retiring, I formatted this philosophy into a formal all-school program. It has been introduced into over a dozen schools with very diverse types of students and has been very successful.  Now, we are happy to offer the program to individual families, helping parents focus on the positive and not just negative discipline, when guiding their children in habits and virtues.

These keys have changed my life forever. They have given my teaching more meaning and purpose than ever before. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

Frank Gallagher - Experience in Education


  • Masters of Education, Emphasis on Elementary Administration, University of Missouri at Columbia (1969)
  • Bachelor of Science, Southeast Missouri State (1966)

Education Awards

  • 1986 Teacher of the Year, Pattonville School District
  • 2003 Pride of Pattonville
  • Bridgeton JayCees Outstanding Young Educator Award
  • Phi Epsilon Kappa Distinguished Service Award

Community Involvement

  • President of St. Lawrence the Martyr Men’s Club
  • President and lifetime member of Phi Epsilon Kappa Professional Fraternity
  • Chairperson for the American Heart Association Celebrity Golf Fund-Raiser
  • Chairperson for numerous activities of the local Hibernians Association
  • Chairperson for St.Lawrence the Martyr Irish Dances for over ten years (fundraiser for school)
  • Emcee for Bridgeton’s Annual Fourth of July Parades

Educational and Personal References

“From the beginning of his career he displayed an enthusiasm, in a manner not normally found in beginning teachers.”
Wayne Cashion, Pattonville Principal
“He sets forth his expectations of the students, helps them set their goals, and then guides and motivates them to achieve those levels. His pupils are always urged to ‘strive for excellence’.”
Charles Wippermann, Pattonville Elementary Physical Education Coordinator
“What separates Frank from many is his ability to see in each student something greater than they see in themselves.”
Roger Clough, Superintendent
“Moreover, he seems to have a unique gift for finding what is positive in others and in helping others to discover and to develop what is positive in themselves.”
Nancy Brown, Clinical Psychologist
“I have been impressed with his contagious enthusiasm and the rapport he has developed among his colleagues.”
Robert A. Marx, National President Phi Epsilon Kappa
“Frank’s enthusiasm is contagious. When he begins preparations for special projects, parents and staff are always willing to support his endeavors in the areas of costuming, supervision, transportation, or wherever needed.”
Nancy Greenblatt, Patttonville Executive Assistant
“It is educators like Mr. Gallagher who believe in the youth of today that will make our world a better place to live.”
Sr. Lois Hellebusch, St. Lawrence the Martyr School Principal
“Sportsmanship was most important. I learned not to give excuses but to simply do my best and be able to admit my defeats. That’s important and essential in life."
Lisa A. Fisk, Student
“‘Do the best…Expect the best.’ Frank Gallagher seems to live by this.”
Knut and Suzie Hansen, Parents
“Frank believes firmly that any goal worth reaching can be accomplished by hard work and effort. He is the first to encourage a person to reach out for that goal and eventually, they can achieve it.”
Steve and Judi Schneider, Parents
“Another lesson which I learned from Mr. Gallagher was the simple fact that ‘it does not matter whether you win or lose but that you tried the best that you could’.”
Lucy Boenker, Student
“Not only does Mr. Gallagher do an outstanding job in the school but also he sets an example for the children with his untiring involvement in school, church, community and family.”
Roger Creason, Student and Parent
“More than a teacher of physical education, or a track coach, he has been a friend, a listener, a counselor, and a teacher of high quality.”
Susan Michelle Myers, Student, currently an interpreter for the United Nations