The Philosophy

History and Philosophy of The Keys to Success

One of the loves of my life has been teaching physical education to elementary school children for over thirty-five years. Periodically throughout those years, former students would return to our school for a visit. Many of these students had gone on to be very successful in their careers and their lives in general. In speaking with them, they conveyed to me different aspects of my teaching philosophy that had a lasting effect on them in their own personal development.

Approximately twenty years ago, after many such conversations, I decided to formalize my basic teaching philosophy into what I called the “Keys to Success”. “Keys” is a program that consists of eight life skills, when used together and taught in a certain way, can have a powerful effect on students now and in their future.

In an effort to display these principles, eight large Keys, each representing one of these life skills, were mounted on the gymnasium wall. After explaining the positive aspect of each life skill in my classroom, I incorporated how they could use that life skill in physical education and in anything they did in life. In an effort to reinforce each skill development, I created the main component of the program which allowed me to individually reinforce Keys in students. This component was so helpful in encouraging students and improving classroom behavior that I used it year after year, with other teachers knocking on my door, requesting that I "share the wealth".

Many other useful ideas and lessons developed from this basic concept. I found that using this positive method gave my teaching more depth and purpose than ever before. The Keys not only helped my students excel in physical education and school, but in every aspect of their lives.

Even though this concept was initially introduced in elementary physical education, it has now been reformatted for use as a school-wide program. The Keys program is currently being used in a number of schools with tremendous feedback and testimonials. We have found that this program is very teacher-friendly, in that it is easily implemented with minimal work and maximum potential. It is positive-based and one of the few programs that incorporates both character development with student academic performance.

Today, individual teachers and families are reaping the benefits of the Keys through the products offered online.  In homes and classrooms, instead of only a negative consequence being used when children misbehave, parents and teachers love guiding their children by encouraging the right behaviors and tangibly praising them with the Keys.  Plus, it really works in changing behavior - both immediately and in the long-term.

I believe that this program will not only help your students and children be the best they can be, but it will also help them be happy and successful in all aspects of their lives!

Frank Gallagher